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katie on a platie's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
katie on a platie

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[Jul 25th 2006 @ 8:45pm]
i kind of just quit my job. kind of.

i feel great, but horrible.
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[May 17th 2006 @ 8:32pm]

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[May 10th 2006 @ 5:25pm]
i bought more things from ebay last week. so i'm walking around feeling pretty pleased with myself, my new jacket and necklace :P

today i downloaded the new muse single. its terrible. i'm trying really hard to get it to grow on me. maybe i'll go find the lyrics and they'll make me feel better about it.

saw end of fashion on friday night - another awesome show as always!! although the highlight was the footage of penguins they were playing on the screens between sets. imagine a bunch of drunks kids yelling "penguin! penguin! penguin!" to cheer on the penguins that were struggling to jump out of the water and up onto land...

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[Apr 30th 2006 @ 2:55pm]
just went to the caxton seafood festival for a total of oh, ten minutes. by the time i line up for a wristband or some food, i'll need to leave to go to work. too many people. and i was on my own. ah well.

this week has been eventful i guess. managed to go see hilltop hoods after getting a ticket at the last minute (it sold out ages ago) and after reuben stupidly (but nicely) offered to take my shift, thinking i wouldnt be able to get a ticket hehe. was a pretty good night. managed to get into a fight with a guy who tried to steal a bottle of water from amanda. he seriously had a go at me for it when i grabbed it off him and said to fuck off and buy your own. it was amusing. who would seriously try to fight a small girl over a bottle of water? yes.

too much alcohol though. hm.

alison and brendo (work people) get married today! they're having the reception at work. sure, i'm running the restaurant but i'm going to be spending as much time in the function room as i can :) i'm so going to cry.
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[Apr 26th 2006 @ 8:23pm]
today i had a "chat" with our assistant manager and he gave me a bit of a rundown on how they think i'm doing as supervisor - apparently i:

do any give tasks quickly and efficiently
"unlike someone else who took a month to do a cleaning roster that looks like THIS" he says

have good leadership skills

treat the staff well

"but i want to smack some of them though" i say, and apparently thats alright

and as a token of appreciation they give me a bottle of wine! its pretty funny, its like hey, i'm doing the job you pay me for guys, but i wont knock a bottle of pretty good pinot noir!

i'm assuming no ones aware of me making one of the bar tenders drink a beer that got poured wrong on the weekend. hehe.
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[Apr 20th 2006 @ 12:52am]
today alex and i bought matching jumpers from ebay.

yeh we're all excited cause paris has one as do both the oc girls. we're so lame. but at least we'll be warm in cute jumpers.
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[Apr 7th 2006 @ 10:06am]
last night i was going through bookings for saturday night and trying to rearrange things to squeeze in a table of like 12 or something and noticed that theres a table for two booked under matts name. i'm a bit put off by it, and he KNOWS i work there, and given what he (and his girlfriend) did last time i saw him, i'm not so excited. but he doesnt know i'm a supervisor. i'm going to look so hottt and have a kitchen full of dirty chefs who love me to back me up hehe.
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[Apr 4th 2006 @ 9:05am]
yesterday i woke up really, really angry at the stupid crows that think its a fun idea to make as much noise as they can when the sun is coming up, and then have running races on the roof. seriously man, their stupid bird feet on a corrugated iron roof is actually really really noisy.

then i got a call to say a meeting i had at ten was postponed so i didnt need to come in till eleven and could have had AN EXTRA HOURS SLEEP. i guess its not a big deal, but i'm so goddam tired and cranky i really cracked the shits. i'm a bit angry these days.
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